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I have always loved your "What if your GF was gone" song, that I heard on Dr Demento. We sing it in the car as loud as possible. Thank you for the entertainment.
My family has always subscribed to the idea that laughter is the best medicine. I was diagnosed with lupus at 16 when it suddenly and abruptly attacked my central nervous system. My parents were to be grateful if I lived to the next minute. A few days after that we got the diagnosis. My brother then came to see me and as he walked in he said "Hey fruit lupus". From then on I my mom ordered me fruit loops for breakfast during hospital stays. Some days it is easier than others to laugh but everyday we have to try.
Nice! Just wanted to respond. I thoroughly loved your post. Keep up the great work on . wish you all the best in 2014!
Carla is one of my favorite guests on my radio show: World Positive Thinkers Club on blog talk radio. I rate her a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10..What an awesome lady..
I congratulate you as an educator and musician You've come a long way in this area of need. we are trying to do our best work. I congratulate you - good luck
I actually found your website on in a question you answered for someone a while ago and I'm very glad I did! I'm sure you've heard it more than once but you're awesome, thanks for your contributions to this world! :)
I first heard you on Sirus/XM's Laugh USA channel. They played "What If Your Butt Was Gone". I had to pull over and wait until my laughing slowed down enough for me to drive again. Not only is laughter the best medicine, it also makes the miles go by a whole lot faster. With my name and occupation, a sense of humor is a must!
Looking forward to meeting you at your event in Ottawa... started reading the book on my lunch break and got a swift kick in the arse from the boss two hours later when he I was still in the back room reading...
Wishing you the very best in your continued good works, Carla! Here are a few quotes that I think may, in small part, reflect the value of your work... "A sense of humor helps us to forget, if even for a moment, our often inflated sense of seriousness and propriety. It is a declaration of our superiority over the woes and calamities that may befall us." - Leo Buscaglia, from his book, “Bus 9 to Paradise.” "A merry heart doeth like a good medicine." - Proverbs 17:22 "He who laughs, lasts." - Mary Pettibone Poole "Laughing through the tears is my favorite emotion." - Trudy in the film, “Steel Magnolias” (I had to watch the film a second time to be sure I had the quote right.)
Sorry to read about your struggles with illness. I've been there and know laughter truly is the best medicine. I am a stand-up comic and run an open mic in Hoboken & Jersey City. Check out for more details or to sign up.
We need an audio version of the book to listen to while in the waiting room.
Hey! I had a kidney transplant in 1989 and was diagnosed with Lupus in 2003. You crack me up. My talents include falling asleep anywhere; swallowing large pills, several at a time and showing up at the right specialist (rheumatologist, nephrologist) for the right appointment.
Hey Carla, Love your writing - Found you through Achieve Clinical where I'm also guest blogging. I have RA and always try to stay upbeat and positive. I LOVE that you find humor in life and I try to do the same! Take care!
I feel your pain. I have had rheumatoid since 96 at age 31. multiple deformities all over. si it was blamed for all lupus symptoms. by the time they figured it out I was put on dialysis. still can't believe it. I am just online right now because I react to anything edible, even things like juice, yogurt or fruit. doesn't matter I can't eat anything at all. best wishes.
I was diagnosed with Lupus 18 years ago and I have tried to live through it with laughter. I just ran across your song "The Colon" and laughed so hard. Thanks!
Just met you through the article in the Star Ledger.WOW! what an inspiration you are. Also,just read your posting 1/29/10 article. A question I'm now asking myself. The MRI told the story in December. Haven't told everyone about it yet.What you said about putting yourself first is very important.although if you think about it,writing the book and creating the music helps by touching others like me.Making a difference. What an odd reason to think about a serious illness. Helping others cope Can't wait to read your book and hear your CD GOD BLESS YOU
Loved your "Waiting Room" song. In my previous life as a pharmaceutical rep. I spend many hours in various waiting rooms. Hope to see you sing in person some time.
I just happened to turn on our local CFRA station and you were conversing with the Rabbi. I was so shocked when you mentionned 'prednizone', gosh can I relate..I was actually arrested twice because of the psychosis it hurls me through. By the way the IV version is about 120-125 mg and at times they've kncoked me out with 250mg..yikes I am wheelchair bound at the darn stuff makes me vacuum the sidewalks..but its a sustaining drug, therefore although yoiu've weaned yourself off, it takes awhile before it actually disappears from your system. worst of all it CAN make you seriously diabetic!!! Love you webby
I learned about you from The Contest Queen. I came over to try to win your new book, but I am going away with a deeper belief that attitude is everything! I wish you well?
Carla, I have MS and "I Got Tremors" is my new theme song. I like your attitude. ... My first time to your blog—looking forward to it. I write blurbs like Mertitudes (Mert's Gratitudes) of the Day on Facebook. ("Still sort of walking!")
awesome show tonite - ur creativity flows thru ur music. thanx for helping me put a smile on my face tonite - i needed that!!!
Thank you for your coming out and speaking about the dsease and having such a great sense of humor. I've thought about writing a book just about lupus patients and their horrible experiences with doctors.....It was a pleasure looking at your site and I wish your continued remission and good health. I was diagnosed 1991 with Lupus/MCTD, I at this point I am just disgusted with how uninvolved doctors are and how they just can't seem to put our symptoms together (they just don't get that it's like a puzzle). From frustrated Nadia.
Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog site today! I just finished reading your journal and listening to some of your songs ... laughed all my eye makeup off! You sure have a gift! It's so important to keep a sense of humor when you're sick. I don't know if you're able to be optimistic most of the time, but you sure know how to share the love :) Kudos to you for being able to (1)deal with the curve balls life has thrown your way, (2)entertain folks with a great voice and crazy songs, and (3)manage to find love despite prednisone and illness. I put your site on my blog roll because you're an inspiration!
I just discovered your wonderful humor! Fabulous! I am a storyteller and humorist (preacher) and love hearing different ways to observe the everyday! Thank you! God Bless! p.s. My wife's doctors have standing orders - if they are putting her on prednisone I get two weeks advance notice so I can leave town!
hi thought id drop by to say hello! love your song! Hope your feeling well today! Much love sarah xxx
I would just like to correct the comment that Carla must have been a difficult child. She was a delightful child. However, she was a completely impossible (albeit very funny) teenager, and she started teenagerdom at age 11 and continued until about 22. Her Mom
hope your feeling better. i enjoyed seeing you on wvia and hope to see more of you in the future.all the best.
Was looking for some pred humor to share with fellow vasculitis patients at meeting this week....and whoops!...there you were! You say it all...waiting rooms, etc. I'm smiling. Thank you.
Hey, thanks for stopping by my new blog. I have barely scratched the surface of your site and I'm already totally enjoying it. Can't wait to do some listening.
Carla, Thank you so much for stopping by my site and taking the time to leave such well written information for me. I really appreciate it. BTW, I'm a mommy who sleeps a lot. :)
Thanks for stopping by my site,! I've added you to my link list on my blog - who knew there was such talent out there among us Lupites! And thanks for sharing your comments - hope to hear from you again soon!
Hi Carla, Looking over GIT and Cervoni sites and ran across your link. Look forward to catching a show in the future. Keith Gilbert, Arizona
San Antonio needs you to visit! Any plans on performing here! We have sold four CD's for you between my husband and I and his sister!!! We like to dance to "Please Do Something Stupid". We heard it on the radio back in 1999 in FL and it made us laugh so much we kept driving in circles around the parking lot to hear the entire song. I guess parking wasn't an option for some reason...? Becky Banko McLane San Antonio, Texas
Thanks for stopping by my MIMES sickies site! You are sooo funny - never stop! I hope ur health holds tight, you've been thru so much as well... Blessed Be! Love Zarii x
Fellow Lupie, You are so funny! I needed that! angela
Hi Carla, Thanks for the stopping by my site and giving me encouragement and advice. I really appreciate it. ((hugs)) Your song "Prednisone" was sooo funny! I'm going to direct my lupie online friends to your site to have a listen. I hope you don't mind. :-) **off to listen to the other songs :) **
Having heard you live, in person, in the living, breathing, singing, rib-tickling, wise-cracking, off-putting, honest-to-goodness flesh, I find you to be somewhat like an antibiotic: one dose simply won't do! So, I took two. Come Quickly, Dr. Ulbrich, I Need Another Dose!! As a participant at The Lakeside Music Room, I can say that the intimate and up-close environment fits you well and serves us the same. My 8 year old now hums and sings your songs with great gusto, the 15 year old was inspired to take up guitar (and is doing quite well, too!), and my darling bride continues to purport that I have a weird sense of humor manifested by my great appreciation of yours. Ah, what a wonderful life!! Thanks, Carla!
This link came in to my website. Out of curiosity I clicked it. I'm so happy I did. This is encouraging, hilarious and refreshing. The guitar is wonderful, the singing is strong. I really like your voice. Thank you for your contribution to those struggling to heal w/ their head up. Austin of Sundrip
I love your web site. This is the first web site I've ever loved (I'm actually a Internet hater to a large extent). So much fun. I love your music. Thank you for sharing. I hope to see you perform in person one day. :-) peace, kendel
I'm pretty sure that the last phlebotomist that drew blood from me was named Ishmael because it definitely felt like a harpoon, not a blood needle. Capt. Ahab is definitely missing a member of the crew of the Pequod. He also kept saying while he was sticking me, "Moby Dick!" What's that all about? ;)
I've always been a fan--longer than anyone else! (Well, except Dad...)
looking good, the page, and those blue eyes. Hope you make it back to the south soon. 73