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How Can You *Not* Laugh at a Time Like This? - book

Collection of short, funny, inspiring essays about dealing with chronic illness and living well. How Can You *Not* Laugh at a Time Like This? Reclaim Your Health with Humor, Creativity, and Grit.

"I have lupus and come back to this book over and over again to get a refreshed perspective and laugh a little. This book is a must have for anyone battling chronic illness."- Amazon customer review

Sick Humor (CD): The Lighter Side of Illness - CD

Carla's 3rd CD, Sick Humor, is a collection of funny medical songs from someone who's been there.

"Back in the 1960s, author Norman Cousins first twined the provinces of humor and healing. Consider this release an update, the musical, funnier version for the 2000s." -Kevin and Maxine’s Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews

"Ulbrich is more than a funny lady though; she is the embodiment of what was once the American Spirit. Despite facing great adversity in the form of major medical problems such as kidney failure and a debilitating stroke in 2002, Ulbrich picked herself up, dusted herself off and got back on her rockin’ horse." - The Examiner

10 parodies from the patient's perspective on topics such as waiting rooms, losing your butt, bad phlebotomists, peeing in a jug, and prednisone. Highly recommended for nurses, medical staff and those with a chronic illness - and a sense of humor. Makes a great gift.

Get it here for $10.98 + $2.50 shipping

Need a bunch of copies?
Get a 5-pack of Sick Humor for $49.95 + 5.99 shipping

Need even more?
Get a 10-pack of Sick Humor for $89.95 + 7.99 shipping

Totally Average Woman - comedy music CD

It's here! It's here! It's here!

A new CD at last!

Half parodies, half originals, 100% funny. (studio album with full band). Need tips on choosing a beverage? Traveling to China? Getting away from someone who won't stop talking? Why this CD is practically a public service announcement. Without all that boring useful info.

No medical songs this time. I've been feeling pretty great (except when I get trapped by that serial talker), so I've been writing about non-medical stuff. But a laugh is good for whatever ails ya, even if it's "just" being annoyed.

Have a listen and/ or get yours at bandcamp:

or, if your prefer, CDBaby:

Mail order by check (send $15 per CD, shipping included to Romantic Devil Records PO box 6284 Somerset NJ 08873, and write which CD you want in the memo section)

or find it on Amazon

or iTunes


Joe's Ex-Girlfriends

Gotta Start Smokin'

Man Pants

If You're Goin' To China

Totally Average Woman

Cheek to Cheek

Aunt Flow Rag

Dr Pepper


Break Away

Needless Dissection

Swamp Thing

Before Autotune

Her Fabulous Debut - CD

CARLA ULBRICH: Her Fabulous DebutCarla's 1st CD, recorded with a great acoustic band in Cayce (Columbia), SC in 1999 and produced by Jack Williams. Songs about dating, food, dating for food, the Guinness book, and having nothing to say. A fun album.

Get it here for $10.98 + shipping

Live From Outer Space - CD

Carla Ulbrich: Live From Outer Space
Carla's 5th CD. Recorded live in concert at Sirius XM's Performance Theater, with not one, but two guest Klingons. Released September 2009.
Get it here for $ 9.98 + shipping

Professional Smart Aleck (live) - CD

CARLA ULBRICH: Professional Smart AleckCarla's 2nd CD, in its 3rd pressing. A live recording of Carla in concert on Dataw Island, SC in October 2001. General humor about dating, Wedgies, Waffle House, growing up in South Carolina, and a couple songs about songs. Released in Feb. 2003.

Get it here for $ 9.98 + shipping

"box set" All 5 of Carla's CDs - box set

Ok there's no actual box. But get all 5 Carla CDs for a song. A lot of songs for a song. Her Fabulous Debut, Professional Smart Aleck, Sick Humor, Leftovers and Live From Outer Space.

Get it here $39.99 + $5.95 shipping

**currently not available (no "Leftovers" CDs in stock)**

Leftovers - CD

*currently out of stock*

Carla's 4th recording, a "rare tracks" CD. Released May 2009. You can get the album as a digital download at itunes.

If I Had The Copyright (The F word song) - MP3

CARLA ULBRICH: If I Had the Copyright (The F Word song)This is a song about how wealthy I'd be if I had the copyright on the F word. This song was featured in the movie "F**K" as well as Red Peter's Comedy Compilation. Available in 4 versions.

Live and uncensored at the Bluebird Cafe (originally released as a single, no longer available on CD)

Live and "bleeped" (with a noisemaker) at the Soho Pickin' Party (originally released as a single, no longer available on CD)

Live and bleeped on "Live From Outer Space" 

at WLRN, with Sound effects bleeping out the F word on "Leftovers" 

All 4 versions are on itunes.

There is now a karaoke (guitar-only) version! Available only here:

Live Concerts

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